Lying along the "Road to the Isles", Arisaig with its harbour provides a gateway to the wildlife rich islands of Rum, Eigg and Muck. The "Road to the Isles" used to pass straight through Arisaig, but now a modern by-pass takes the traffic round the village which makes it a very peaceful place to visit..

The village itself has a picturesque sea front over the bay of Loch na Ceall, and the frontage plays host to a small collection of resturants/cafes and a pub.

The Fort William-Mallaig railway line also stops at Arisaig which boasts the most westerly train station on the British mainland.

In 1746, the French sent ships to support the Jacobite uprising after the Battle of Culloden. Two of the French ships where caught by the British Navy in the loch. The French escaped on foot with the payload of gold inland to Loch Arkaig, where, the French claimed, it was hidden. However the gold was never recovered and may lay there still today.


The Silver Sands of Morar are probably the most famous place in Morar, but to get to any of the beaches you need to take the old road at one of the many turnings signposted off the new bypass.

Morar strings itself out along the old Road to the Isles and boasts a hotel, school and filling station. Although a new bypass has been built, it is well worth the slight detour to pass through this little village.

All the beaches around Morar are worth a visit, but the actual Silver Sands are where the River Bracora, the shortest river in the UK, outfalls to the sea.

One mile South of Morar on the old road towards Arisaig is Camusdarach beach, held by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This was one of the locations for the Scottish movie Local Hero, much of which was filmed around the area (the village of the movie was shot in Pennan in the north east). As in the movie, Camusdarach beach is famous for its stunning sunsets with views across to the Small Isles and Skye.

Loch Morar is worth a visit as well, it is the deepest fresh water loch in europe at 310 metres, and has its own monster called Morag! Boats can be hired for fishing on the Loch.

Silver Sands at Morar
Village of Arisaig

Camus Darach Beach

Arisaig Beach


Road to the Isles

A 830 Fort William - Mallaig

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